Holiday allowance from FerieKonto

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If you are paid by the hour, your employer reports and pays your holiday allowance to FerieKonto every month ongoing. The exact deadline depends on when your pay period ends.

  • If your pay period ends between the 1st and 15th, your employer must report your holiday allowance at the latest by the end of that same month.
  • If your pay period ends between the 16th and the end of the month, your employer must report your holiday allowance at the latest the 15th of the following month.

You can see and disburse your holiday allowance approx. three working days after it has been reported and paid.

If you are entitled to paid holiday, your employer is not required to pay your holiday allowance until you resign. Your employer must report and pay out your allowance to FerieKonto latest on the last bank day of the month you resigned.

That means that you can see the payment on the self-service page at the latest three days after the month you resigned.

Your employer is obliged to pay you the holiday allowance to which you are entitled. Only in special situations, your employer may effect set-offs against your holiday allowance, i.e. omit to disburse your holiday allowance to you.

You must contact your employer in writing to get your holiday allowance. If your employer still does not pay, you are entitled to seek to obtain the allowance no later than three years after the end of the holiday year by taking legal action, by reporting the matter to the police, by subjecting the matter to industrial disputes procedures. Contact your union for help if you are a member of a union.

If your employer has gone into bankruptcy, you must contact LG (the Employees' Guarantee Fund):