What does LG pay to workers?

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If you are an employee and your company goes bankrupt, ceases operations, becomes insolvent or undergoes restructuring, LG can pay the salary, etc. that you are owed. 

You can also possibly get salary paid during a termination period. 

You can find out if you are entitled to salary during the termination period by reading your employment contract or your collective agreement. 

LG pays your salary, etc. up until the day you were last working for your employer.

If you are entitled to a notice, LG can only calculate your compensation for salary during the termination period once the entire termination period has passed. 

When LG receives the form ‘Documentation for earnings and job searching’, LG will calculate the final salary, etc. for the entire termination period. 

The form will be sent to you from LG automatically. 

LG deducts earnings from new jobs, etc. if relevant and pays the difference to you.

You must fill out the form ‘Documentation for earnings and job searching’ in order to be paid salary, etc. for your termination period. LG sends the form to you together with our first letter. 

If you have gotten a new job during the termination period, you must send documentation for your earnings. You must also state whether you have taken holiday in your termination period and how many jobs you have applied for. 

You must only fill out and send the form to LG once the entire termination period has ended.

You can find an English version of the form here: 

You must apply for work throughout the termination period in order to be entitled to compensation. You must apply for at least 3 to 4 jobs per month.  

Do I need to apply for jobs when I am on holiday or sick leave?

If you take holidays during the termination period after you have been released of your duties, you are not obliged to apply for jobs in the period that you are on holiday. 

You also do not have to apply for jobs if you are on sick leave. Remember to send documentation of your illness, for example, in the form of a doctor’s note or a copy of the sickness benefit specifications.

The Employees' Guarantee Fund (LG) ensures that employees receive wages etc. when their employer is declared bankrupt or ceases operations. LG can also help the employer to pay wages to employees working for the company, while it is subject to financial reconstruction. 

If you do not agree with LG's decision

The legislation to which LG is subject falls within the Danish Ministry of Employment, but you cannot complain about the decision to the Ministry. If you do not agree with LG's decision, you are welcome to contact us and possibly send further documentation supporting your claim. LG will review your case and send you a new decision. 

If you still do not believe that our decision is correct, you will have to initiate legal proceedings against LG at the courts. LG has no appeals board, and therefore the case can only continue at the courts. In this case, you must contact the court in Hillerød. 

Contact the customer ambassador

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