Complain about violations of the Working Environment Act

You may complain to the Danish Working Environment Authority, if you suspect working environment rules have been violated

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Everyone can complain to Arbejdstilsynet if they believe or suspect that the working environment regulation have been violated.

This also applies if there is a suspicion that a foreign company performing work in Denmark violates the working environment rules.

A complaint about the working environment will not automatically lead to an inspection, as each individual inquiry will be assessed specifically.

Please note, that pay conditions and other working conditions are not covered by the Working Environment Act in Denmark.

You can complain anonymously on suspicion of violating the rule on safety and health at an offshore installation.

When you contact Arbejdstilsynet, we typically ask you to provide the following:

  • Which platform or operator is involved?
  • What rules do you think have been violated?
  • What has happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Any documentation in the form of pictures, films or other.

You may complain to Arbejdstilsynet if you or others are exposed to abusive acts, including bullying or sexual harassment in the workplace.

Bullying is when one or more persons repeatedly over a long period are exposed to actions or behaviors that they find offensive and that they have difficulty defending themselves against.

Your complaint may rise that Arbejdstilsynet visits the company and decides that the problems must be resolved if the company violates the working environment rules. In order for us to process the complaint, the person or persons currently exposed to the abusive actions must still be employed by the company.

Complaints to Arbejdstilsynet about the working environment will always be treated confidentially.

Arbejdstilsynet may not pass on information that the authority has received a complaint or state what the complaint is about. This also applies when Arbejdstilsynet inspects the company to which the complaint relates.

Thus you have the right to remain anonymous when you complain to Arbejdstilsynet, and you will always be treated anonymously in connection with inspections and further case processing.

Before you complain to Arbejdstilsynet, it is important that you consider whether there are others in the company who can help you.

We recommend that you talk to your manager, your health and safety representative, your union representative or the company’s working environment manager.

Violations of the Working Environment Act

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Offshore oil and gas activities

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Offensive acts, including bullying and sexual harassment

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Last updated: 10 November 2022